TOASTEE MAG: Dance and the Space Between Moments

VOYAGELA: Trailblazer Interview

A. ORDAZ DANCE | agave americana

 "Joan Padeo was the performer to watch. She had a powerful stage presence and ability to surrender to the moment and to be fully engulfed in the music and movement."

A. ORDAZ DANCE | fotos antiguas

-LA Dance Chronicle 

"I always know when a dance is good when I look at my notes to find that I stopped writing. [Fotos Antiguas] caused that response...[it] felt ageless."

ACTS OF MATTER | rep • er • toire

-Spot LA

"Padeo's singing performance sunk deep as it made me relive... heartbreak."

CARLON | flex

-LA Dance Chronicle 

"Stunning performance...Padeo's rendition of Tennesee Waltz is a joy."

IRIS COMPANY | the other side

-No Proscenium

"This is a piece that I didn't know I needed until I saw it...nothing short of breathtaking."


-Huffington Post

"Echo should be required viewing for everyone with a beating heart and seeking mind."

ACTS OF MATTER | be seen

-LA Dance Chronicle

"One special moment was when Joan Holly Padeo's light breathy voice sang [Patsy Cline's] 'Crazy,' so moving, so unpretentious."

B. DUNN MOVEMENT | add water & stir

-LA Dance Chronicle

"[Joan's] very descriptive telling of Emmett Till's young battered face while lying in an open casket is especially unsettling. The choreography is strong and the movement rigorous."