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© 2019 JOAN H. PADEO

Full CV Available Upon Request

Height: 5 ft. 4 ½ in.        


Vocal range (belt): G3-F5


C-I Training Certified Level 1 (of 2) Certified 

California Institute of the Arts: B.F.A. Dance Performance & Choreography


The Boston Conservatory: Associate Alumni Dance

Voice Jenny Kwan, Desiree Maira

Pedagogy Donna Krasnow

Choreography Colin Connor, Nancy Evans Doede, Stephen Koplowitz, Rebecca Lemme, Tommy Neblett



IRIS Company    Collaborator, Artistic Director: Sophia Stoller – Three Seasons (Current)

Acts of Matter    Dancer/Vocalist, Artistic Director: Rebecca Lemme, Projects: Rep•er•toire, Be Seen

Bryn Cohn + Artists    Dancer, Artistic Director: Bryn Cohn, Projects: Landing (film in pre-production)

Carlōn   Collaborator/Vocalist, Artistic Director: Jay Carlon, Projects: Flex & Flex Tour

B. Dunn Movement     Collaborator/Vocalist, Director: Brigette Dunn – Three Seasons

Deep Blue Dance    Collaborator, Artistic Director: Bryanna Brock, Projects: The Pink Flamingo 


Be Somebody's ft. Bella Thorne    Ava Caceres Official Music Video. Choreographer/Dancer. Director: Stephen Mallett, Green Glow Films, Choreography:


Julian Grandberry, Joan Padeo

Lie Down    Fyohna Official Music Video. Dancer. Director: Erik Bergamini, Choreography: Jordan Saenz

Metatronia (Metatron's Cube)    Solange Ferguson in partnership w/ Uniqlo. Dancer. Director: Solange Ferguson, Choreography: Gerard & Kelly

Megastar Trailer    Megastar Competition Trailer. Dancer. Director: Michael Gould, Choreography: Sophia Stoller

*Palmolive Oil Infusions    Palmolive Oil Infusions Australia. Assistant Choreographer/Dancer. Director: Luke Patton, Choreography: Brigette Dunn

Kiss and Fly    Nana Felix Official Music Video. Dancer. Director: Nana Felix, Choreo & Improvisation: Kyreeana Breelin, Kearian Giertz, Joan Padeo


Songbird    Joan Padeo. Mimoda Studio Theater

Your Kingdom    Carissa Songhorian. Mimoda Studio Theater

Echo    Sophia Stoller in collaboration with Cody Brunelle-Potter, Joan Padeo, and Jamal Wade. Mimoda Studio Theater


Agave Americana    A. Ordaz Dance. Bootleg Theater

FLEX    CARLON. Los Angeles Dance Project, Spanos Theater

CREST    Joan Padeo. Highways Performance Space


Be Seen    Acts of Matter: Rebecca Lemme. Odyssey Theater

Fotos Antiguas    A. Ordaz Dance. Bootleg Theater


Luciana    Jordan Saenz. Blue Diamond, Nevada. Jam at the Barn 


HELMET | GOLIATH    Joan Padeo with Carissa Songhorian. Highways Performance Space, Santa Fe Springs Art Festival

The Other Side    Iris Company: Sophia Stoller. Immersive Dance Theater, Gramercy Studios

Additional Performance Experience Laurence Blake, Kyreeana Breelin, Bryanna Brock, Thang Dao, Carlos Dos Santos, Glen Eddy, Mallory Fabian, Jiri Kylian,


Rebecca Lemme, Brigette Dunn, Hans Van Manen, Don Martin, Anna Myer, Julia Rhoads, Leslie Scott,  Zoe Scofield with Troy Ogilvie, Yuanyuan Wang 


Songbird   2019. Mimoda Studio Theater, 6 dancers, 10 min

CREST    2019. Highways Performance Space, 6 dancers, 30 min

HELMET | GOLIATH    2018. Highways Performance Space, Santa Fe Springs Art Fest, 2 dancers, 15 min

Platonic & Not.    2016. Lund Theater, RedCat Theater, 4 dancers, 9 min

Heads I win, tale says you lose.    2014. Lund Theater, 5 dancers, 10 min

Still Not for You    2013. Lund Theater, solo, 4 min


Ballet/Pointe, Modern/Contemporary, Creative Movement, Twinkle Stars ProgramC-I Training™


Little Acorn Montessori/Petite Feet – Two Seasons

Inspire Dance Studio – Three Seasons

Master Classes

The Gabriella Foundation – Contemporary Master Class

Workshops/Summer Dance Camps

Inspire Dance Studio – Two Summers

Iris Company: Immersed Teen Workshop 2019


*Assistant Choreography on Tongies Award Nominated Commercial 2017 (Australia/NZ)

Princess Grace Award: Dance Performance Nominee 2015


Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance Scholarship 2013-2016